Speakers are the most critical component that affects sounds quality. Not only is the type and quality of the speaker important, but so is each speaker’s placement in the restaurant or store. Regardless of how loud or soft you play your music, speakers will determine how full, rich and pleasing your audio is. Cheap speakers can sound cheap, tinny and irritating to the ear. Misplaced speakers can result in the music being too loud in some areas, and too soft or inaudible in other areas.

Speaker Placement

Take a walk through your store or restaurant at different times of the day. Is the music audible and pleasant and full, or does the music get lost in the ambient sounds of your business? Step outside and come in through the front door. Do you have a speaker at or near the front door, with clearly audible sound to set the tone the moment a customer arrives? The sound characteristics of your store or restaurant (the “acoustics”) must be taken into consideration when choosing and placing speakers.

Audio Amplifier

The amplifier pushes the sound of the music to the speakers. Our advice here is to invest in an amplifier that:
  • Has enough power to drive the speakers in your business
  • Has some basic tone controls (treble, bass)
  • Is fairly basic and easy to use and control by the staff.


Cabling is the wiring that connects the amplifier to the speakers through your walls and ceiling. Believe it or not, proper cabling is probably more important than the amplifier is to the overall sound of your system. A poor cabling job can result in hum and interference from other electronics (like florescent lighting), static, diminished fidelity and other audio ugliness.