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Elan Home Control Systems - Delivering Smart Home Automation Systems Personalized For You

If you are looking for a home control system for your home, how about an Elan home control system? Since 1989, ELAN has been dedicated to simplifying and enhancing the connected home. Their award-winning smart home entertainment and control system seamlessly combines music, TV, climate, lighting and other home systems with an easy-to-use interface that puts you in control, from anywhere in the home or anywhere in the world.


Try out the ELAN EL-HR30, which provides whole home system control with instant feedback and control of entertainment lighting, security, and climate. Or the ELAN EL-ITP-8-BK,

which enables a new way to control the intelligent home. Using face recognition, the panel personalizes the experience for individual users. The panels also include integrated voice assistant technology, expanding the ways in which users can interact with their intelligent home. At Galtech, we have both of these smart home automation systems in stock and ready to be integrated into your home. ELAN delivers smart home automation systems personalized for you – always intuitive and responsive to the way you live. Your home is our castle and you can keep it comfortable with just a single tap with your home control system.


Here at Galtech, we just don’t offer reliable home control systems. We also offer design, engineering and installation services for your smart home automation system as well. Everything is done to meet the needs of your lifestyle and satisfaction. But it doesn’t stop there. Once we are done installing your home control system, we will carry out extensive testing to ensure all the functions are operating correctly and to your liking. We even provide training and allow a couple of weeks for a personal evaluation, so that you can test your smart home automation system and report any problems. Even when everything is to your liking, we will always be on hand to respond quickly and efficiently, should you have any problems or requests both through online system updates and traditional visits to your home. Our team is very knowledgeable about our products and are more than happy to answer any questions that you may have.


At Galtech, we are dedicated to your satisfaction. That is why we are the leading authority when it comes to home control system products and services around Dubai. We worked hard for an outstanding reputation in the area and will continue to uphold this by providing top-notch products and services, and delivering quality and value with each interaction.


If you would like to check out our collection of Elan home control systems, go to www.galtecsystems.com